5 Simple Steps for Transforming Problems for the Good!

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The Issue: Dealing with problems is a condition of this human experience. We handle many problems unconsciously every day. Yet, there are some problems that really seem to consume us.

What is a problem really? Here are some common definitions I found perusing the internet: 

  • A situation, person, or thing that needs attention and needs to be dealt with 
  • Something that is a source of trouble, worry 
  • Any question or matter involving doubt, uncertainty, or difficulty

Problems can distract and derail us from our passions and joy. 

The Truth: Problems are only problems when we view them as problems! Problems are part of the content or curriculum of our life that either lead to or detract us from our higher becoming.

Fournier Formula: Neutralize the Problem, Activate the Good

1. Acknowledge the problem. Notice what you are feeling, notice your perceptions and relationship with the problem (like you don’t want to break up with it!), and notice any resistance that comes up for you. You may even notice an addiction to the drama it creates. 

2. Neutralize the problem. Problems vibrate at a low frequency of energy. When you are focused on the problem you won’t be able to access higher frequency solutions. Place the problem outside of you – imaginably put it in a parking lot, if you will, a block away from you. This will help to disconnect its energetic hold on you. 

Problems are not bad. It’s our opinion and the meaning we give to them that make them ‘bad’. Even assigning the word ‘problem’ labels it as a problem. Consider instead ‘opportunity’ or ‘adventure’. Pretend like you are watching a movie unfold and jump to the part where you have an idea for a solution. After all, we don’t usually get emotionally involved when it’s happening to someone else do we?

3. Find the possible good. Be actively curious – ask (or demand of) yourself, what possible good could come from this? Be open to good! And know that there is always good!

4. Activate the Good! Write down all the possible good that could come from this – for example, if you lose a job, the possible good is that I get a bit of a vacation, I could find a job that pays more, I could find a job that fulfills me, I can explore the business I’ve always wanted to create. An argument in a relationship can lead to a deeper bond of understanding and connection. 

  • Take action on the good. Those ideas you had are the currency of the  Universe. You must take action to receive the benefits.
  • Decide to put all the bad out 3 days. In other words, gain dominion over your mind. Just say – I’m not going to address this until next Tuesday. This gives you the opportunity to look from a different perspective.

5. Keep calm & believe and be grateful that this situation is working out right now for your highest good. Bring to mind 1 or 2 situations that have happened in your life where a problem you had turned out to have numerous blessings. And you may notice that now, as you look back on it, there is no longer any emotional charge.

  • One of my favorite Garth Brooks songs includes the line “Some of God’s greatest gifts are unanswered prayers”. 
  • There is ALWAYS a solution. Do what you can from where you are with what you have. Stay focused on the opportunity. And be open to the solution looking a different way that you think it has to.

Dare to Live Your Dream!


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