Vision Master Class

Vision Master Class

Wednesday, December 15, 2021

6:30 – 7:30pm MT | Online Event

Join me for a Free Masterclass to discover how to create a roadmap to clarity and purpose in your life. Learn how to dream again and turn it into a reality with a step-by-step formula that works EVERY time!

Piss Off Perfect Event

Piss Off Perfect Colorado Spring 2022

Apr 29, 2022,  – May 01, 2022

1028 Beeler Pl Frisco, CO 80443

Join the sacred sisterhood of the Presario Group to experience a weekend of deep spiritual growth and transformation.

Join us for a luxury retreat weekend in the Mountains of Colorado.


Piss Off Perfect is a spiritual, life changing and deeply transformative experience. 

This experience includes the opportunity to:

  • Explore your relationship with perfection.
  • Look at how you define your identity, and how it serves you and limits you at the same time.
  • Live authentically and in alignment with your purpose.
  • Look at how your control is controlling you.
  • Allow and receive support in your life.
  • Color outside the lines.
  • Get out of stuck!
  • Create a Sacred Soul Sister Circle.
  • Find Joy, peace and fulfillment within yourself.
  • Rest & rejuvenate.
  • Know that your are already ENOUGH.
  • Fall in LOVE with YOURSELF!


    Piss Off Perfect Cabo October 2022

    A Luxury Retreat for women hosted at the stunning All-Inclusive Grand Fiesta Americana Los Cabos


    POP Cabo is an entirely different experience from POP Colorado.  You will LOVE Both!  Attendance at one is not required to attend the other.

    We will draw from the ocean, the sun, and the moon to explore our essence, power, purpose, and truth.

    This is a luxury retreat where you will have the opportunity to:

    • Live in expansiveness & essence

    • Be at peace with your “Self” = Body, Mind, & Soul

    • Be still and tune in to your spirit

    • Explore creativity

    • Understand in your heart that you are God’s highest form of creation

    • Let Go, Forgive, and Love

    • Create a Sacred Sisterhood

    • Stop letting other people dictate how you view your world

    • Nurture yourself on a whole new level

    • Consistently bring the best of “YOU” to the world

    • Redefine what perfection means to you

    Early Bird Price $597 good through May 31st, 2022



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