It’s not about the River Cruise, is it? It’s about your Life Cruise.

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I’ve always wanted to take a European River Cruise – well always been for the last 10 years. Which is always isn’t it?

But I was waiting – for the right time, the right schedule, the right amount of savings, the right season, the right itinerary, the right timing to take time off from my business, for the right information that would help me make a decision…And I thought it would be hard. That’s always the default thought that sabotages.

And yet, I’d been thinking about it. Fleeting thoughts. And marked pages in the Viking River Cruise Itinerary book. Because the Universe was listening and started sending them to me. Out of The Blue!!

So I casually asked my travel agent in March – hey, is there any way we could book a Viking River Cruise this year? And we’d really like to go in May or June. And then I gave her the specifics of the type of cabin and itinerary we wanted. I literally asked for what I wanted. Say what??!! And 48 hours later she called and told me – I’ve got it!

So I decided. To go. To stop waiting. Everything apparently was already lined up even though I didn’t know all the specifics.

And now I am literally on an adventure of a lifetime. We (my Big Daddy) and I are traveling on various rivers throughout Hungary, Austria, Germany, and the Netherlands. And here’s the kicker – it has been way beyond my expectations. And as I write this, I think – no, more accurately, this trip has been way beyond my wildest dreams! And all because I really allowed myself to BE beyond my wildest dreams!

And it seems I’ve waited a lifetime to fully enjoy the adventure. I’d love to share a few of my insights and experiences in the hopes that you may be inspired to fully embrace your delicious adventure.

Love: Love now! It’s the right time. Love life right now!! After all, it’s what you have anyway. And it will be way more fun. Which really means you’ll be way more fun!! And most of all – love you! Because you are adorbs you know!! And always remember those you love – send a postcard even if you get back before it does, call when you get the nudge, text, send a picture, and post your adventure on social media– there are plenty out there to cheer you on! And you’ll give others hope and permission to do the same! And remember to love those who are in service along your path. All of the crew, servers and cabin stewards have stories and dreams too. My friend Wanda and I took an opportunity to go up to a novice waiter and hug him when he was having a hard day. He told us the next day how much that meant to him. And of course, older women can get away with more, can’t we? Everyone deserves a hug.

Laugh: Laugh Now! OMG! We laughed so much on this trip. We met some incredible people on this trip. And I venture to say we have made some lifelong friends. And being the youngest in this group (I’m almost 65), lifelong is shorter at this end. And when you laugh – laugh deeply! Laughter does the heart so good! I have been told that I am so beautiful these last 2 weeks because of a heart-singing smile. That’s the most important thing a person can wear. Going to bed giggling – go on, it will deepen your relationships!

Let Go: Let Go Now! First, what are you going to wear? I always pack too much. EVERY time. Lighten the load already. A nice raincoat – that’s what I wore most of the trip. No one’s looking at what I’m wearing unless I’m going to the wedding of a Princess. Let go of being uptight. Let go of worrying about what anyone else thinks. And for heaven’s sakes – let go of expectations. Except for maybe a delicious expectancy of a fabulous experience. Remember – if you are going to make up something, make up something good!

Lean In: Lean in Now! To what your heart desires! To what is already in alignment with your heart and soul. Lean into the richness of life and people. Delight in the day and the moment you are in. In the variety and depth of cultures and other people in far away lands who seek to have meaning just as you do. Lean in, to the magnificence of who you are and what has always been available to you! Lean in, to the possibility!

Level Up: Level Up Now! Ask for what you want. Level up every relationship and opportunity. Leave each interaction you have richer. Take the opportunity to schedule that which you have been putting off – whether it’s a trip, an education, a relationship, a simple garden, or a simple sunset. Take one step toward what would make your heart sing.

It’s not about the River Cruise, is it? It’s about your Life Cruise.

Well, so what are you waiting for? Go on! The deliciousness of the Universe is awaiting you!!

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