Motivation is not something you have, it’s something you do

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The Bind:  We have a dream or a goal. There is so much to do. We watch others succeed and wish we had their talent/juju/magic. And then we do nothing. We’re getting ready to get ready. Making a plan before we take the first step. Oh wait, did I mention that plan must be perfect??!! 

We’ve all been there: seemingly stuck. Knowing that there is much to be done and without a clue about how or what to do. And, on the other hand, we’ve all been in a place of ‘Hold on! I’m on a roll!’. A place where we are in the flow – where everything feels aligned and moves easily through us.

Isaac Newton’s first law of motion teaches us that “An object at rest stays at rest and an object in motion stays in motion with the same speed and in the same direction unless acted upon by an unbalanced force.” 

Let’s Break That Down: 
An object at rest stays at rest: Whether you’re in a cycle of rest and relaxation or just being lazy, it’s hard to gain momentum when your brain is on a mental hiatus. An unbalanced force must occur or rest will continue. This force can be the “aha” moment that springs us to our feet, gets our attention, and gets us moving. And note, that rest is important for balance. However,  be mindful not to stay at rest too long so that your innovation is subdued by an overextended period of stagnancy.
An object in motion stays in motion: When you experience that creative inspiration, coupled with unbridled momentum, stay in motion! Rest helps us remember to balance ourselves for the sake of our mental and physical health, but when racing toward an idea, keep the momentum. 
Staying at the same speed and in the same direction: Think of this concept with scope, keeping focus, and maintaining purpose. When you get distracted by all those other shiny ideas of bigger and better ventures, remember to avoid losing focus with the distraction of possibility and keep your sights on your vision. Keep your momentum, and stay in line. 
Unless acted upon by an unbalanced force: When at rest, an unbalanced force can get you moving again; however, when in motion, an unbalanced force can derail and stall you. Understand the pros and cons of the forces of unknown situations and strive to live in balance. Learn to manage these circumstances when they are negative, and be grateful for them when they get you back in motion. 
“Nothing happens until something moves.”  – Albert Einstein

Fournier Formula:
Bust a move! Any move! How do you expect to have a perfect plan to go where you’ve never gone before??

Take a step
. Any step…as long as it is in the direction of what you would love. As you take a step, the next step will reveal itself. Simply get in motion!
Let Go! Of the expectation that you have to get ‘it’ all done in one sitting. Or that you have to do it perfectly. Take 5-minute action steps. And schedule them in your calendar. Usually, once you get started, you will stay in motion and feel the motivation of accomplishment.
Dance! Literally! Put on some music and let go, that’s right like no one is watching. I’m always dancing. I have a dance for when I’m happy,  I have a dance for when I sign up a new client, I have a dance for when I see the ‘Aha’! Get that movement into your neurology and the memory cells of your body. 
Take another step. So many of us are watching others instead of doing. The time for watching is when you are role modeling someone else who is doing what you want to do. See what they are doing,  and then, bust a move, and do the same thing! If they can do it, so can you! Except you will bring your flavor to it.  And believe me, Baby Doll, the world so needs your flavor!!!
You are a winner! Believe in yourself! Act ‘as if’. Create a worthwhile vision for your life – one that makes your heart sing! Move forward with your belief and your goals – no matter how insignificant these goals may seem to someone else. It’s none of your business what anyone else thinks about you! Start acting like the winner you are! 
Got an idea? Take action! Ask yourself: what is one step I CAN take… from where I am with what I have? And then act. Ideas without action leave you sitting right where you are. Mary Morrissey says it this way: ‘Ideas without action are merely entertainment.’ You are on this planet for way more than merely watching. You are necessary! And what is necessary for you is to simply bust a move! ONE move! ANY move! And….GO! Your dreams are waiting!
Ready to get out of this bind? Want help creating a vision for a life that makes your heart sing?


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