Stand For You!

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The Bind:

You have a dream – owning your own business, a fabulous job, being a speaker, the man or woman of your dreams, a new house, moving to another city or state, a better relationship with a family member or friend, travel ….

And you’ve probably had this desire for a while. And yet nothing changes. You’ve thought about it. In fact, you think about it all the time.

A part of you is hopeful. You have ideas of how you can actually attain your desires – you have resources, people you can call, you read a post about how someone else did the exact same thing. And you think to yourself – “That would be so exciting!” “I know the exact color scheme I would use!” “I would be so happy to go dancing with him/her!” And there’s a good chance you’ve spent some time creating a perfect plan on how to get to where you want. And yet….

Another part of you is already discouraged without even taking a step. And you think to yourself – “Why bother, nothing ever comes true for me.” “I’m not as pretty, skinny, talented, (Fill in the blank) as he or she is.” “It’ll take too long.” “Most new businesses fail in the first year.” “I’m not qualified.” “I’ll never have the money!” And then the biggies – “What if I fail?”, “It’s too hard” and “What will everyone think of me?”

And no matter how long you’ve had this dream and even taken a step or two towards it, your dream never quite manifests. You stay where you are in your comfort zone, which it turns out is not that comfortable. The comfort zone is actually your Familiar Zone. Your friends and family tell you the reasons to stay where you are – using great reasons like “You’ve invested so much time and money into this” or “You have benefits”. And if you notice what’s coming out of your mouth, you realize that you, too, are defending your position in the status quo.

You’ll never win when you fight against yourself.

The Fournier Formula: Stand For You!

1) Choose you!! Period! Now is the best time to begin speaking up for yourself instead of fighting for your limitations. All the head chatter is made up. By you! Partner with the part of you that longs for the dream. If you’re going to make up something, make up something good. You deserve to live a life that makes your heart sing! But you’ll have to decide. Decide now! For you! Once you choose you, others will too. It’s the Law of Attraction!

2) Direct your energy toward what you would love. You are energy. Everything is energy. Your thoughts are energy that ultimately create your results. So, are you spending your energy defending your limitations and excuses? Redirect that energy into defending and supporting your dreams.

3) Take 1 action step in the direction of your dream. Keep it simple. It will only be hard if you think it’s going to be hard. What if it could be simple? What is one action step you can take from where you are, with what you have, so you can go where you would love to go? You already have everything you need to begin now! Let go of the temptation to have a perfect plan. How in the heck can you have a perfect plan to go somewhere you’ve never gone before?? Get moving! Move out of your Familiar Zone into your Zone of Brilliance which is uniquely yours.

4) It’s none of your business what anyone else thinks about you. You are the one living your life! No one is thinking about you – they’re worried about what others are thinking about them! What would you love? If you want to be in charge and in control, then take charge of your thoughts. Take out the head trash. Talk nice to yourself. Are you willing to love yourself and explore what’s amazing about you? Fill your thoughts with visions and images of the life, vocation, relationships, and liberty that you would love! After all, you so deserve it!

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