Use your Passport to bypass your Paradigms

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A common strategy I teach my clients is how to navigate the internal peanut gallery (paradigms) that hold us back. 

The Facts: 

What is a paradigm? A paradigm is simply a collection of habits or practices which are based on our beliefs about ourselves, how the world operates, and our place in the world. And here’s the gold: our paradigms generate our circumstances, our experiences and our results in life. We have paradigms of success and paradigms of limitation. 

Our paradigms are created and virtually hard-wired way before we are 4 years old! And then we practice them over and over for years until they become automatic and unconscious. Our paradigms work hard to protect us in their own way. They want to protect us from hurt or harm. The problem is our limiting paradigms work to keep us ‘safe’ in our familiar zone – the areas and practices of our life in which we are familiar. 

I call our limiting paradigms the Border Bullies of our mind. Any time we take a step to go after what we want, do something different, take a risk, break out of the familiar – those Border Bullies show up and tell us all the reasons why this won’t work. So then we question and doubt ourselves and return to the familiar – all because, well, it’s familiar. And we know what to expect there. 

The problem is that all our dreams, possibilities, and undeveloped creativity live in the Unknown (or Unfamiliar) Zone.

Fournier Formula:

Lay Claim to your Sense of Deserving and Use Your Universe Passport to access what is already Yours!

Here’s 3 Simple Steps to Bypass Your Paradigms:

1) Notice what you are noticing – are your thoughts and feelings in alignment with your dream and life vision or with your limitations? Do this from a place of curiosity, not judgement. Before you can make a change you first have to be aware that a change is needed. Notice when the Border Bullies show up. They actually just signal that you are at the edge of the life you have known up until now. It’s not that you can’t – it just means you haven’t…..yet!

2) Pause and Interrupt: When you notice your thoughts or emotions are not in alignment with your dream, simply pause. Take a breath in through your nose and out through your mouth as if through a straw to relax you. When you breathe in through your nose, it activates the PNS (Parasympathetic Nervous System) letting your body know you are safe. It slows you down and activates the creative part of our brain. 

Redirect your mind to your dream, that which your heart desires. This will interrupt any negative or disempowering thoughts as you cannot think happy thoughts and thoughts of resentment, for example, at the same time. Another way to do this is to think of all the things or people you are grateful for. Gratitude raises your vibration.

BTW, gratitude, pausing and breathing are FREE, renewable, and readily available resources!

3) Get out your Universe Passport! Pack your bags for your dream life and walk on thru those Border Bullies! After all, you are Divinely inspired and created! If you have a dream calling you, it is coming from the Universe. The Universe is conspiring at this very moment for your highest good and for that which you desire. Your dream is a done deal! Lay claim to your deserving – after all the Universe already has!


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