Isn’t it time you were free to be You!

Have you ever felt like you did your best only to be told it was not enough?

Seeking approval, direction, and love based on the standards of others will often leave you feeling like you’re not enough and make you discount how great and awesome you really are. If you’re looking for way to remind yourself of your WOW!, then this book is for you. It’s a guide back to you, all that you are and all of your brilliance. The bottom line is YOU ARE ENOUGH. You always have been and this book will show you how to make sure you will always be WOW!


Michelle Fournier is the ultimate Possibilitarian! An award-dinning Intuitive Mindset and Empowerment Coach, Michelle uses her life experiences to include 24 years as an Army Nurse Who jumped out of perfectly good airplanes to give you everything you need to free your authentic bad-ass and create a life that makes your soul sing!

Co-Creator of her Piss Off Perfect retreats for women, Michelle uses a repeatable, reliable, proven system to eliminate self-sabotage and accelerate success. She will help you discover your purpose and delight in the deliciousness of your life. It’s time to let go of the limiting internal talk to freeing your uniquely, powerfully, without apology version of you. Isn’t it time you were free to be you!!??

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